Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Remember Me...

It's been too long - ridiculously long, but I'm sure I can blame it on something...

There has been work - FAR TOO MUCH WORK!

An amazing insight into the world of Swapping - Thanks Karen! (I'll post more about this later...)

A holiday - beautiful, relaxed & over much too quickly (I'll post another blog on this soon...)

And then there has been the Vintage Fair - Well done Tonia!

I plucked up the courage to dive in deep & put myself out there with other like-minded people & guess what...I LOVED it!

The location was fab - a lovely Cotswold Village...

The weather held out (no getting drenched when going to & from the car)

The neighbours entertaining...

The whole hall was full of nothing but loveliness!
(See Tonia's Flickr page for more images)
I went on the back of my china hire, but I took the opportunity to sell some vintagey bits & was delighted that people actually bought them! I also had quite a bit of interest in the hire & it's one more event getting my name "out there".

It was also wonderful to meet some people whose lovely blogs I follow - Katie at Textile Treasure Seeker & Lucy and her friend Jayne from Lucy Bloom - isn't it lovely when you meet people & they are just as nice as you wanted them to be!

All in all, a very successful day; here's to another one soon!

S x