Monday, 5 July 2010

My Weekend...

I think I have introduced myself properly now, so it's probably time for some "normal" blogging - a little bit about how I spend my time!
On Saturday, I decided that I would visit the Vintage & Handmade Textile Fair in Chipping Sodbury. Having had a good old 'nose' around the land of Blog, I found a number of references to it, with some stands that I was desperate to visit! I was very fortunate that Mr M was working on Saturday morning, so without any questions, off I trotted with great excitement!
I used to live 20 minutes away from Chipping Sodbury, but had never visited (how often does that happen, when something is on your doorstep!) & my first impressions were most favourable - a very pretty town with flowers & bunting everywhere!

Having found the Old Grammar School I was quickly immersed in a world of prettiness, style & taste - a little Vintage wonderland! It was lovely to meet some of the ladies whose blogs I follow - I only wish I had the confidence to engage in a little conversation, but I always feel that I may be bothering people.
Naturally I made a purchase - well several, how pretty do they look - & they're still wrapped...

Here they are in all their glory...

After arriving home, the remainder of the day was mainly chores-related, but I did find time in the evening to complete some knitting - a gorgeous Fuchsia Pink scarf knitted in Sublime. Now I know I shouldn't be knitting scarves when the weather outside is so beautiful, but it's all part of my grand Christmas plan. This year my friends & family will be receiving items which I have spent hours lovingly crafted, in the hope that the appreciation will be far more than that of a shop-bought something. 2 scarves down - countless other items to go!
On Sunday, I had volunteered to return a visiting Aunt to her home in Cornwall & had managed to persuade Mr M that he wanted to accompany us both! We set off early & made good time & decided to take a somewhat more picturesque route than the A30 on the return journey. Joining the coast just past Ilfracombe we happened upon Lynton & Lynmouth, never before visited by either of us.

Typically, the weather on arrival was not the best, but to be honest, this is often our favourite time to visit places as there is rarely anyone else around! Having refreshed ourselves with a Cream Tea, we stopped off at the Glen Lyn Gorge & our plan worked! As we paid our entrance fee we were informed that we were the only visitors there!

The gorge was very pretty, although there were a few nervous moments when there were some quite dramatic drops (I'm not a lover of edges - although I don't mind heights!), but we spent some time walking amongst the woods in the hope of spotting a red deer - no luck though, but look at these beautiful scenes...

After walking to the top & generally making the most of the peace & quiet, we headed back to the coast, where I had to take a picture of this little boat - well it's not often you see your name on the side of one!

Finally stopping to take a quick snap of one of the locals!

A quick check of my blog on returning home, showed that the buddies were announced for the Shabby Vintage Swap organised by Tilly Rose & my swap-buddy...(drumroll) less than Karen (Tilly Rose) herself! The pressure is now on for my goodies to be of the quality & special-ness that she deserves!
A lovely day & a lovely end to the weekend. Isn't it fab when you look back & have achieved a lot - the only problem is, it makes next weekend seem so much further away!

S x